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The Kings Cross Steelers are the world’s first gay rugby club. Tim Sullivan discusses the impact the club has had on rugby and on why the world’s roughest sport is also the most gay friendly.

April 7, 2021

This podcast began as an audio version of my book, Mud Between Your Toes – a memoir about my life – a gay, white boy growing up during the 1970s Rhodesian Bush War. It has now evolved into a series of conversations with characters and personalities with stories to tell – occasionally on an African theme.

Season 03 - Episode 04 of MUD BETWEEN YOUR TOES, CONVERSATIONS WITH PETE WOOD. The Kings Cross Steelers are a British rugby team, based in London. Founded in 1995 it was the world's first gay-inclusive rugby union club.

Its founding sparked the beginning of a much larger gay rugby movement  - which to date includes over 70 clubs across the world.

Zimbabwean born, Tim Sullivan is their President and he chats to me about the club  - and the impact it’s had on rugby  - and the new moving documentary, Steelers: The World's First Gay Rugby Club  - which premieres online at the Glasgow Film Festival in 2021.

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